The Public Defence Service presents FASD - What Lawyers Need to Know.
Over two webinars Billy Edwards, Deputy Public Defender, Los Angeles County Public Defender, Mental Health Court, Dr Valerie McGinn, Forensic Neuropsychologist, The FASD Centre, Aotearoa, and Dr Brandon Birath, Licensed Clinical Neuropsychologist, Health Sciences Assistant Clinical Professor, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA describe FASD and effective ways to work with people with FASD.
Part 1: Tuesday 29th March - 4-5:30pm (NZDT)
Why FASD should be recognised as a ‘developmental disability’ that has implications for the Criminal Justice System: Identifying the need for services.
An introduction to neuropsycology as a 'developmental disability' and its application in legal settings.
The neuropsycology and behavioural profile of FASD.

Part 2: Tuesday 12th April - 3-4:30pm (NZDT)
Stamping Out Stigma: Establishing the Maternal Alcohol History through Interviews and Investigation.
Case examples.
The results of successfully identifying defendants with FASD in the legal process.